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The Boghii Craggs Amphitheatre

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The Boghii Craggs Amphitheatre

The protected area „Pietrele Boghii” (The Boghii Craggs) accommodates one of the greatest abrupt stretches in the Bihor Mountains, and it offers the tourist eye one of the most beautiful views in these mountains. Some even consider it the most wonderful view in all the county of Bihor. Once on top of the Boghii Craggs „Amphitheatre”, you can practically feel the abyss gaping through the bluish light rays dispelled amongst the trees, and then a huge chasm lies in front of you, roughly the size of a few hundred meters. Searching for the edge of the pit, we made our way left and right, to find the perfect place to simply look on the horizon and enjoy the perfect view.

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Pietrele Boghii

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Pietrele Boghii 46.606467, 22.693173 Pietrele BoghiiGPS: 46.606349, 22.693130Povestea locului... (Directions)

From the clifftops there is a bird’s­eye view of the serpentines the Boghii Valley cuts in the ground, at first sealed within a canyon, then largely escaping in the everglades. The vertical walls at the bottom of our feet make their way to the end of the Boga Valley, majestically guarding the homes in the Boga holiday village, and to our right we can see the Rea Valley („The Bad Valley”), harboured by the Cornu Munților mountaintop. To the left runs the picturesque Oșelu Valley, leading its way to the arterial road of Pietroasa – Padiș, entrenched by Măgura Seacă. On the far left side, the horizon catches a glimpse of the Știrbina – Tătăroaia peak, while on the right side we can see Măgura Guranilor, then Măgura Fericirii and the west side of Bohodei.

When the air is clear, you can see all the way to the Beiuș hollow, and the lengthy, wooden peaks of the Codru ­Moma Mountains. One interesting fact about this protected region, is that a few years ago, people brought here a few families of black goats. If they’re lucky, tourists can sometimes see them grazing on the mountaintops. The tranquility of these areas, the craggy, wild and dark valleys, the wide and astounding views the Boghii Craggs have to offer, can’t help but awaken within the tourists a feeling of peace, easiness and freedom.

Accessible from the trail:   Trail: Cantonul Padiş – Vărăşoaia

We’re left with the duty to respect these parts at our every step, keep them clean and pristine for generations to come, and for us as well, because in Nature, “the tourist comes to gladden his eyes, the thinker encounters a grand book where every rock is a letter, where every lake is a phrase, where every village is an accent and from whence a smoke of ancient memories emerges”. (Victor Hugo)