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Albioara Gorges ‐ “passage” to the Pădurea Craiului Mountains

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Albioara Gorges ‐ “passage” to the Pădurea Craiului Mountains

Albioara Gorges (Cheile Albioarei) can be found within the Pădurea Craiului Mountains,specifically in the upper basin of Roșia Valley (Red Valley), between Albioara Sinkhole (Ponorul Albioarei) and the village of Țarina, pertaining to Roșia region. The gorges consist of white chalkstone, are 2.6 km long and between 80 and 100 m deep.

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Cheile Albioarei

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Cheile Albioarei 46.846250, 22.369340 Cheile AlbioareiGPS: 46.84625, 22.36934Povestea locului... (Directions)

They’re quite spectacular with their amazing views and landscapes. DJ 764 (public highway) runs through the gorges, and it connects the cities of Beiuș and Aleșd, making it the only “passage” of entrance, from Beiuș and Roșia Depression, within the mountains and towards Vadului Depression.

Unlike other gorges in Bihor county, these are not permeated by any water courses, but they do inhabit a large number of caverns and karst springs. On both sides of the gorges you can see quite a few caves, suchs as: Urâcioșii Cave, Cow’s Cave, Horse’s Cave, Valău Cave, Cross Cave, but none of them are accessible for tourists. The Albioara Gorges are a touristic landmark not to be missed by those of you who find themselves in Roșia region.

Activites in Pădurea Craiului Mountains Canyoning | Caving | Trekking | Mountain-bike | Tandem paragliding | Rafting – Kayaking

We’re left with the duty to respect these parts at our every step, keep them clean and pristine for generations to come, and for us as well, because in Nature, “the tourist comes to gladden his eyes, the thinker encounters a grand book where every rock is a letter, where every lake is a phrase, where every village is an accent and from whence a smoke of ancient memories emerges”. (Victor Hugo)