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Mountain Advice

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Mountain Advice

Hiking Rules & Trail Etiquette

*When choosing a route take into consideration the physical,psichological and tehnical capabilities of the least prepared in your team.
*Choose your equipment,food and water acording to the route you choose to take leaving some room for unexpected situations.
*Inform the cabin or lodge owner of the route you are planning to take and make sure to obtain detailed informations about the trail .Make sure to register in the Tourist Traffic Register book.
*Start your hike early,with adequate equipment and a map of the area.
*Avoid hiking by yourself.Preserve your energy and respect the rules of hygene,food and preserve your energy.
*Do not drink alcohol before and during the hike.
*Use only the marked trails.Do not leave the marked trail.
*Do not damage the tourist refuges,markings and signs.
*Respect and protect the mountain;don’t leave any garbage behind.
*Respect the natural wonders and the protected areas.
*Be ready to help and give first aid to tourists in need.
*In case you get lost, stay together.Stay awake and conscious.Move around in order to prevent hypothermia.Do not drink alcohol.Call search and rescue(Salvamont).
*Mountain sports enthusiats must respect the rules passed tho them by the members of the Salvamont teams.
*Learn details about the celluar phone signal coverage of the area you are going to hike.

Alarm signals for the mountain area are:

*Six(6)acustic signals(or light signals) per minute,10 second between each signal and a 1 minute pause.
*The response signal in three (3) signals per minute with a one minute pause.
*Even if your alarm call has been heard keep signaling until a search an rescue(Salvamont) team reaches you.
*Help can be obtain from tourists,cabin personnel,tourist refuge,sheepfold,settlment.


A search and rescue call must contain:
– location of the accident
– number of people hurt
– date and time of the accident
– a presumtive diagnostic
– wheather conditions
– informations about the one who is making the call

How to call:
Call 112 or 0-SALVAMONT(0725 826 668)
Disclose your personal information and phone number of the cell from wich the call is made.
Offer information about the accident:location,nature of the accident,how many are injured,clinical state,time of the accident.
Wait for the dispatch to confirm.
Stay by the phone for information and instructions.