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Tandem paragliding

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Tandem paragliding

Discover freedom through the clouds. Tandem paragliding gives you that sense of freedom and the unique chance to see Bihor County from above, through the clouds.

The tandem paragliding is a wing with 2 seats (pilot and passenger), specially designed for flying in tandem. The pilot and passenger have their own security system.
The Take off is made by a slight run, following the pilot instructions.
In just a few steps, glider will rise slightly (no sensation leap into the void, as the parachute). Then comes the flight, the passenger sits comfortably and relaxed admiring the stunning scenery, hands-free, being able to take pictures or record the moments by filming the astonishing sights.
Landing will be as easy as taking off, it takes a slow run again, and a few steps to decelerate and come to a halt
We invite you to watch the video below and to fly with us through the clouds.

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