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Kayak, your source of relaxation in the summer heat

Extreme Suncuius
Extreme Suncuius

Do you want to feel water closer then ever? Take a kaiak and venture on it. You will be so close to the water that you will feel part of a unique experience.

For many of those who wish to feel the joy of exercise on water, but they do not have the time or the resourses to get to the beach, the kaiak is a good friend. In parks, on lakes, on quick mountain rivers, the kaiak and those who love its paddles have become a commonplace view. The explanation is simple. It will not only make you feel better and in shape, but it will also give you endless sensation of freedom and relaxation.

A boat that is easy to handle

With a kaiak you will feel in perfect harmony with the water, whether you choose a single one to handle yourself, or a tandem one to paddle with another person. It is a light boat, proper for still water of lakes, as well as for the fast adrenaline-filled experiences on mountain rivers. Each motion you make to rotate the paddle on each side of the boat and to coordinate its movement on the water will help you enjoy a unique experience inthe middle of nature. And the best part is that you will fall in love with the kaiak from the very first experience, because it is easy to handle, no matter your age and physical skills.

Smoothe motion for maximum health

Beyond the effort any kind of sport or physical activity entails, kayaking brings other benefits to your body. Because moving the paddles is done at a high pace, you will feel all your upper muscles working and each fibre striving to set the boat in motion. Your back, your arms, your abs will work at the same time, and your legs will no feel any less effort either. To be able to balance the kayak you will need them too, so all your muscles willwork intensely, and in a single hour of effort on the water you will burn 340 calories. Add extra health for the heart because the high pace necessary for paddling will improve your heart activity and blood pressure.

Peace on water

Not all of those who choose kayaking as an exercise see it as an alternative to the gym. Many of those who get in the kayak and start paddling look for peace and relaxation. And the odds they get a state of wellbeing are huge. Physical effort has this beneficial effect, and paddling on the water, under the sunlight and the heat of yhe sun, admiring the surrounding landscape, will double this effect.                                                           Moreover, it is a sport for everyone:  both the solitary ones and those who wish to become part of the community, to be close to their friends and to live the adventure. Overcoming difficult moments, challanging new limits and the new experoience on water can bring you extra self-confidence and satisfaction, which will contribute to your wellbeing.

Extreme Suncuius

Extreme Suncuius


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Traseu Bulz – Vadu Crisului aprox 4h 150,00 lei/pers
Traseu Pestera Unguru Mare – Vadu Crisului aprox 2h 80,00 lei/pers
Kayaking rental: 50 lei/ 1 h; A minimum group of 5 people is required.