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Fly fishing

Discover the great Transylvanian outdoors with us

About the adventure

Wild rivers, misty mornings, mountain freshness, ancient forests, brown trout and grayling – simply the best fly fishing scenery Transylvania has to offer!

The river we fish is home to some of the finest grayling and trout fishing in the Romanian Carpathians. Through its clearness and its cognac colour, the river offers the landscape a specific warmth and welcoming feeling. You’ll be impressed by the diverse structure along its course; you’ll fish for trout in its shallow, narrow rapids and its calm and clear pools in the upper parts, then wade a bit further downstream to chase your catch in grayling paradise. After this, prepare for a small, beautiful river delta at the point where the river flows into the lake. Here, next to the beautiful wild brownies and the painted-like coloured graylings, you can also land greedy chub or try your luck with the elusive lake trout.

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