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Abseiling or rappelling

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Abseiling or rappelling

Abseiling or rappelling. An abseil is a controlled descent of a vertical drop, such as a rock face, using a rope. The activity is really amazing and allways gets the people in high spirits.

We provide everything you need to try abseilling including all necessary safety equipment. The overall process is really simple, with modern rapelling devices you have a safety release mechanism once you take your hand off of it; it automatically blocks the rope, preventing the fall of the climber.

The equipment we will use is a climbing harness, climbing ropes, abseil devices such as figure 8, a braking delay device called grigri, some carabiners, adjustable static lanyard energy absorber, quickdraws for securing the rope. Also we can secure the rope with artificial anchors (bolts, pitons). For the unexperinced ones the abseiling it will be done with the instructor or by securing the rope with a second rope by the instructor.

Locations: Șuncuiuș, Vârciorog, Boga, Padiș


Mobile: 0742-482.121