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The name rafting comes from the word raft, which represents anykind of flat structure that floats, like an inflatable boat, to navigate on a river. Rafting or white water rafting is a challenging recreational outdoor sport and usually it’s done on white water or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excite the raft passengers.

Rafting is a dynamic sport, every participant is involved because they have to synchronize their movements in order to paddle down the river. It’s not complicated, the secret is to listen carefully to the guide’s instructions. We organize rafting trips, especially on Crișul Repede river, on a navigable sector of 42 km, from Bulz or Bucea village to Vadu Crișului.

Also, we can offer you teambuilding programes, and beside rafting we can include other activities/sports, that are mentioned on our website. The prices may vary, depeding on the activities, the length, number of participants, etc.
Would you like to know if you’re a true „sailor”, have some adventure and test your phisical and mental abilities?

We organize rafting trips on these rivers:

(ww – difficulty level)

  1. Crișul Repede: Halta Stâna de Vale – Vadu Crișului, 42km, ww2-ww3
  2. Crișul Pietros: Boga – Pietroasa, 10km, ww4-ww6
  3. Crișul Negru: Beiuș – Șoimi, 30-40km, ww2
  4. Arieș: Câmpeni, 20km, ww3-ww4
  5. Jiu: Petroșani – Tg.Jiu, 30km, ww2-ww4
  6. Olt: Defileul Tușnad, 20km, ww2
  7. Lăpuș: Cheile Lăpușului, 45km, ww3

On demand we organize trips on different rivers.
The equipment is new, and offered by the organizers (2008 model), and includes the helmet, the lifejacket PFD (Personal Flotation Device), the neoprene suit and the paddling booties.
In order to participate it is important to have minimal knowledge about swimming.
The most convenient perioad to do rafting trips is all year round, depending on weather conditions and water levels.
The minimum number of participants is 4/raft and maximum 6/raft. In case that are fewer participants, you have to pay for the minimum number of participants.

Contact: Master Adventure

Vadu Crisului 71/0
Bihor, Romania

fax: 004 0259-46 54 22

Adrian Iuhas – General Manager
phone: 004 0722 60 65 97