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Vadu Crişului waterfall

Posted in Natural attractions

Vadu Crişului waterfall is located in a very beautiful natural landscape in the Pădurea Craiului Mountains, on the left bank of Crişul Repede river, near the entrance to the Vadu Crisului Cave. The water coming out of the Vadu Crisului Cave, realizes the last natural wonder, the Vadu Crisului Falls, a 9 m drop, which […]

Galbena emergence – a calm water eye

Posted in Natural attractions

At the foot of a vertical limestone wall a few meters high is a small quiet lake of 6-8 m in diameter, is the Galbena emergence. At first glance, we would say it is a lake if the right water would not fall into a waterfall in a high waterfall, it is the only indication […]

Galbena gorges – the beautiful gorges of the Apuseni Mountains

Posted in Natural attractions

Galbena gorges are among the most beautiful and spectacular gorges in Romania.  Galbena gorges start suddenly at the foot of a vertical wall of limestone of several hundred meters high. Here is Galbena emergence, a small lake 4-5 diameter is fed underneath the water drains underground entire basin Padis-Fortress of Ponor closed and returns to date […]

Sighiştelului Valley – a wild paradise of caves

Posted in Natural attractions

Sighiştelului Valley is a valley wild and spectacular because karst landscape, which is represented by numerous caves and wild gorges with tall and tall walls. Sighiştelului Valley offers the tourist, wild landscapes, rich vegetation, small waterfalls, caves, a wild gorge and a diverse range of flora and fauna specific to the Apuseni Mountains. The Sighistel […]

Molhașurile de la Izbuce – the Apuseni peat bogs

Posted in Natural attractions

Molhașurile de la Izbuce (active peat bogs) are located in the special conservation area of the Apuseni Natural Park, which contains the most valuable elements of the natural heritage of the Apuseni Natural Park. These areas were established by Order of the Minister No 552/2003. Due to the special fragility of these turf habitats, the touristic […]

Bulbuci Waterfall

Posted in Natural attractions

Bulbuci waterfall is located into a beautiful natural surroundings, on the valley of the same name, left tributary of Boga Valley. Water falls in two stages, forming waterfalls of various sizes, their overall length is 30 meters, but the last step is the most beautiful and highest. Waterfall Bulbuci can be visited following route  . After about 10 […]

Bohodei waterfall – the highest in the Apuseni Mountains

Posted in Natural attractions

Bohodei waterfall is located in Bihor Mountains, the valley Aleului. Waterfall has a height of 80 m, the largest in the Apuseni Mountains. The fall of water is not vertical, but the water runs down the rock slope in several steps. Waterfall is located in the beautiful natural setting and wild. Bohodei waterfall is considered one of […]

Săritoarea Ieduţului Waterfall: a thunderous roar among the ferns

Posted in Natural attractions

Kid’s Pass Waterfall is set against a picturesque, wild background, home to a lush vegetation of enormously beautiful ferns. To get there, from the road that ties Stâna de Vale to Coada Lacului Leșu, you need to climb through the woods on a beautiful footway, parallel to the Ieduțu (Kid) river. After some 15­20 minutes of free and […]

Fortress of Ponor ­the largest karst complex in Romania

Posted in Natural attractions

The Fortress of Ponor are the largest karst complex in Romania, also known as the Everest of Romanian speology, are located within the Apuseni National Park, downstream of the Fortress Valley, making them the lowest point of the entire closed Padiș basin ­Ponor Fortress (950 metres). The cave consists of a unique gallery, over 2000 metres in length, […]

The Valul Miresei Waterfall, on Iadului Valley

Posted in Natural attractions

We can find the Bride’s Veil Falls on the right bank of Hell’s Valley, but glimpses of it can be seen from the main road between Stâna de Vale and Coada Lacului Leşu, towards Remeţi. The waterfall is actually a three­step fall, high of approximately 35 m. The name stems from the shape of the falls, which resembles a […]

Trail: Ştei – Şaua Vârtop

Posted in Hiking trails in Apuseni Natural Park

Trail:   Ştei – Şaua Vârtop Area: Apuseni Natural Park Marking: Yellow line Length: 28 km (1 way) Time: 7-8 hours Difficulty: Medium Access: by car on the E75 road (until get in Ștei city) Points of interest: Cheia Rea valley, Țapu glade, Țapu  peak, Groapa Ruginoasă

The Boghii Craggs Amphitheatre

Posted in Natural attractions

The protected area „Pietrele Boghii” (The Boghii Craggs) accommodates one of the greatest abrupt stretches in the Bihor Mountains, and it offers the tourist eye one of the most beautiful views in these mountains. Some even consider it the most wonderful view in all the county of Bihor. Once on top of the Boghii Craggs „Amphitheatre”, you can practically […]

The Betfia Pit Cave – A journey to the centre of the Earth

Posted in Natural attractions

The Betfia Pit Cave or Huda Bradii is located on the Southwest side of the Șomleu Hill (346 m), not too far from Băile “1 Mai”, in the range of Betfia village, Sânmartin township. The cave is also referred to, by locals, as the “Betfia Crater”. The Cave has two openings: the main one, created with the help […]